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Customer Comments: These guys really know their stuff. The same goes for the Fetch at the Fairfield Commons mall. They know their breeders, they know their breeds, and heck, my vet even recommends them! Don't hesitate to ask to play with the puppies in their store or ask questions about any breed. They're on top of things at this shop! Nothing like Petsmart or those other guys!

Nice M

Customer Comments: I got my Italian greyhound from fetch! She is amazing and such a wonderful lil girl!!!

Miko R

Customer Comments: Our puppy experience at Fetch was very nice. Jessica was wonderful to work with.

Nick R

Customer Comments: My experience, contrary to the popular "less than mediocre" review, was absolutely fantastic! i would greatly recommend going to buy a pup from this store. I bought a Dorkie (dachsund/yorkie blend) and am completely satisfied with her. The employees here definitely know what they're talking about in terms of care for the dog, and they are very kind to you. I would say the biggest reason that they don't have good press is that the people who do, in fact, have a good time at their store is because they don't put out a post of their good experience. I do however have just one complaint. I was completely unaware that my Dorkie would be so attached to her owner. :3 (it isn't necessarily a bad thing though.) I would definitely go back to buy another puppy there. 5/5

Angela P

Customer Comments: I usually don't write reviews, but wow am I amazed with Fetch pet store. We bought 2 huskies and one husky is in great perfect condition; such a caring, loveable, puppy. On the other hand, we have another husky whom encountered non-life threatening genetic problem and we are impressed on how wonderful "George" the store owner handled this situation. He assisted us wonderfully and called us back within two days, he told us that we will be covered by the fetch store vet since it was a genetic problem our puppy had. If you run into any problems, you should consider speaking to George the owner, because he is willing to assist you with anything in order to save your puppies life. Such a generous owner that cares about his customers!! Great pet store, great puppies! will go in a heart beat to buy a third puppy!

Alicia G

Customer Comments:
Really well taken care of :)


Customer Comments: Just go here to look around. Dogs are so cute